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Quran Link is the world’s first Quran study app and it has every - thing you need to understand and study the Quran. No more feeling lost and consuming lots of time searching for trusted re-sources to understand the Quran words/ayas, and creating a link between them.


  • With the cross-device feature your bookmarks, favorites, notes, selected tafsirs and translation, simply all settings will be there for you on every device you use; from Phone to iPad to the web. You deserve it!

  • 4 different English translations so you can get different perspectives of aya meaning.

  • 3 different dictionaries, including Lane Lexicon the best dictionary to understand Quran terms. So you can understand the different meanings of any word.

  • Listen to recitations from more than 10 different reciters.


  • While implementation, we care about applying the best software architectures by making it well structured.

  • It follows the most effective code design patterns like MVVM pattern that guarantees code maintainability, reliability, and easy maintenance.

  • The App is designed to organize content so that users would easily adjust to the functionality of the app and could find everything they need without big effort.

  • The app design is user-friendly allowing them to enjoy the experience of studying Quran.


A Quran mobile application that help users to study and dig deeper into the Quran, look up any word in 3 different dictionaries with a single tap, listen to recitations, study 29 different tafsirs and tag ayas with topics to make connections between different ayas - all in one place from the comfort of your fingertips with the world’s first Quran study platform. Quran Link serves almost 100,000 users around the globe.

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